Lejant Architecture develops projects and offers consulting services in architecture, interior design and regional planning at both national and international levels. It meets the objective of producing modern architectural examples for both private sector and government with its team of creative architects and interior designers. Lejant Architecture provides innovative, functional and efficient building designs with appropriate alternatives in its own style and with a visionary approach. It also keeps the amateur spirit and enthusiasm of the team by organizing workshops. The company is capable of leading other planning and engineering disciplines, managing the interdisciplinary coordination in accordance with the architectural projects, supporting the project teams with the help of its R&D department and organizing all the material and company information. Activity Fields of Lejant Architecture Architecture Production of residential, commercial, industrial and educational building projects after settling proper design and investment criteria. Interior Design Building design, rehabilitation, restoration, renovation, custom designs and planning for spaces. Planning Master planning, regional planning, feasibility studies, strategical planning. Others Consultancy, project management, budget and planning inspection, project inspection.